Power Tools Warranty


SIOUX TOOLS, INC. WARRANTS TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER THAT THE COMPANY’S POWER TOOLS ARE FREE FROM DEFECTS IN MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP. For one (1) year following the date of purchase, Sioux Tools will repair or replace, at Sioux Tools’ option, any part that is defective in materials or workmanship. All warranty requests or claims must be made no later than 60 days following the end of the 1-year warranty period. Repair or replacement shall be at the election and expense of Sioux Tools, and is the exclusive remedy in place of all other rights and remedies.


NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, SHALL APPLY AND ALL SUCH WARRANTIES ARE HEREBY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. Sioux Tools’ warranty applies only to new products purchased from Sioux Tools, Inc. or its authorized distributors. Sioux Tools does NOT provide warranty for products subjected to abnormal use. Abnormal use includes: misuse, accident, modification, unreasonable use, neglect, lack of maintenance, or use after the tool is significantly worn or repaired by someone other than Sioux Tools, Inc. or its Authorized Service Representatives.


A consumable product or part is warranted at the time of sale, only against defects in workmanship and materials that prevent its use. Consumable items are goods reasonably expected to be used up or damaged during use, including but not limited to drill bits, saw blades, grinding discs, sanding discs, batteries, and light bulbs.


SIOUX TOOLS, INC. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL COSTS OR DAMAGES INCURRED BY THE PURCHASER OR OTHERS (including, without limitation, lost profits, revenues, anticipated sales, business opportunities or goodwill, interruption of business and any other injury or damage.)


This warranty is non-transferable. Sioux Tools, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in design and/or construction at any time without incurring any obligation related to tools previously sold.