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Industrial Tools

Sioux Tools is known around the world for quality, durability and performance.  Our extensive and always expanding line of industrial power tools are engineered to make any job easier, safer and more efficient. We build tools that stand up to the demanding specifications required by today’s industrial manufacturing, assembly and finishing needs. Our industrial line of tools is second to none in power, workmanship and total quality.


We Design Tools To Fit The Application

Sioux has been an innovator in designing tools that fill unique applications. The exclusive Z-handle design enables manufacturers to have a tool that will fit into extremely tight spaces yet maintain the full industrial power.


Research & Development

As new manufacturing techniques develop they bring with them new demands that may not be met with conventional air tools. Sioux Tools is ready to meet these needs by utilizing our engineering technology coupled with the latest innovations and technological advancements in the power tool industry. We research the need to develop a new tool and then our Sioux team of engineers and designers go to work to produce the most efficient and versatile tool possible. We are constantly working to increase our product offering, but those new products must live up to our high expectations. Our extensive design engineering, research and development experience has proven our ability and commitment to build quality tools.


Continuous Quality Control

Every Sioux product undergoes rigorous performance tests at precise stages from design conception through product assembly and packaging to ensure they meet our own high standards and the demands of our customers.  Only the finest materials are used in production, and no tool leaves our plant without thorough testing to meet Sioux quality standards. We’ve built our reputation on producing top-of-the-line industrial tools.


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