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Sioux Tools

Sioux Tools is known around the world for quality, durability and performance Our extensive and always expanding line of industrial power tools are engineered to make any job easier, safer and more efficient. We build tools that stand up to the demanding specifications required by today’s industrial manufacturing, assembly and finishing needs.



Sioux Tools designs the tool to fit the application. Many businesses require tools that can deliver high performance but are not subject to the constant demands of industrial applications. To meet these requirements, Sioux developed the Force line. The Force lineup is designed primarily for the MRO (Maintenance Repair Operations) and manufacturing support functions, however, the quality of the these tools will allow them to go beyond these typical support applications to fit the bill in many of your manufacturing processes.

Force tools are designed to complement the durability and performance of our industrial line Check out the following line of Force tools.
Drills, Assembly, Abrasive, Finishing, Percussive, Specialty, & General Accessories.

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