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Think Twice

Before You Blame The Tool


Without proper maintenance a tool will run poorly.


Grind Big Time

With Our Extensive Line


Sioux has a complete line of grinders designed for power, working speed, and performance. Every grinder is tested for the many demanding applications workers face daily.


5000 Blows Per Minute!




FORCE Pencil Die Grinders – The Perfect Choice for touch-up grinding and sanding on a wide variety of projects. They feature high max-speed and a built-in twist throttle for full speed-control.

We Know The Drill!

That’s why our Signature Line offers the widest range of configurations, speeds & options on the market – to ensure a perfect match for any application.
Check Out the Widest-Ranging Line on the market!

Get a Better Grip, With a personalized Fit!

Random Orbital Sander
  • Removable Cover
  • Inside Cover
  • Curved Operating Lever

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Siouxnami Lives Up To It's Name!

1/2″ Impact Wrench (IW500)
  • 18% More Torque
  • 45% Faster
  • Delivers World Class Power-To-Weight Ratio

You're Ready For Take Off!

Aircraft Sealant Removal Kit!
  • No Messy Chemical Solvents
  • Healthier, Safer, Faster
  • Enviromentally Friendly
  • Minimal Effect on Paint, Primer or Metal


Our New Line of 15 IMPACT WRENCHES

has been specifically re-engineered for MORE POWER and DURABILITY. You’ll appreciate that this complete line was carefully selected to cover all your manufacturing and assembly needs.
Plus, they are in stock and ready for immediate shipment at a competitive price.


Power Hungry? - NOt a Problem.

Introducing our New 1.6 HP and 2.2 HP ANGLE GRINDERS and SANDERS!

We added more power, so you can remove more material faster and easier.


Still Hungry for Power?

Our Tried and True 4 HP and 5 HP VERTICAL GRINDERS and SANDERS will feed your need for POWER!

They’re engineered to remove more material faster and easier.


Think Small But Powerful!

Our new line of 0.5 hp Heavy Duty Angle Abrasives are incredibly COMPACT, LIGHT WEIGHT and POWER PACKED. Designed with low profile right angle heads operators can easily squeeze into tight spaces and have all the necessary power and leverage to get the job done.


They feature a STEEL HEAD for tough working environments, SPIRAL BEVEL GEARS for long life and a REAR EXHAUST. Plus, you can just drop them in a tool box and go!


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No Gaps No Way, No How...

With Our Complete Line of RAPID REVERSE Signature Series Drills, Screwdrivers and Impact Drivers. Our tools allow you to achieve the seamless fit you’re after.  The pecking and teasing motion let’s you draw two pieces together tightly…for the perfect fit.
EASY USE OPERATION – Switch forwards and backwards with one hand.

Drop in motor for hassle free maintenance.


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New Compact Pistol Drill - Small & Mighty!

Our New Line of 15 IMPACT WRENCHES

Lightweight, Fits in the Palm of Your Hand, and has the HIGHEST TORQUE & HORSEPOWER in the Category!


More Suction... Less Dust!

NEW Venturi-Vac Sanders – NOW OVER 90%DUST PICK-UP!
Now it’s 90% EFFECTIVE at picking up dust – giving it the most suction power compared to others on the market!
This self-contained sander uses exhaust air to suck dust through the sanding pad and into the bag. Eliminating more airborne dust helps make a safer operator environment.

Go Big Or Go SMall

The  Big 1300 17.2″ Reciprocating Saw
Our D-handle design allows you to lean in and really put your weight behind it – no surprise this big guy is considered the heavy duty workhorse for Metal Fabrication Shops, Ship Yards and Truck Manufacturing. Perfect for cutting steel, pipes, large wood, and doing demolition work.
The Small RS10K 9.4″ Reciprocating Saw

Ideal for cutting drywall, composites and fiberglass. Plus, it has the power to cut up to 1/8” (3mm) mild steel. You can’t beat its small size for making intricate cuts- and the soft ergo grip reduces vibrations so your hand doesn’t go numb. Perfect for Marine, RV, Plastics and Construction jobs.


What’s The Best Screwdriver For Your Application? HERE’S HOW TO DECIDE…

Handle Configurations
Straight ,Pistol, Right Angle, Z-Handle, T-Handle


Make A Clutch Decision
Positive Clutch, Stall Drive, Adjustable Clutch, Torque Control


Hold Your Horses!
Horsepower is the driving force and we have have a wide range from 0.3hp – 1hp to make sure you’re covered for any application!


Sioux And Norbar Get Tight On Torque

Simple and Compact



Fast Rundown via Dual Motors
PNEUTORQUE® PTME Series – Extended Nose
Designed to Meet the Needs of the Commercial Vehicle Market


Our Wheel Grinder’s drop in motors make maintenance a breeze. Take the old motor out and just drop in the new one.


No press fits and no shims make maintenance easy.


Engineering like this givers you high part interchangeability, so you have lower service part inventories and save money.


Think Small But Powerful

Our new line of 0.5 hp Heavy Duty Angle Abrasive are incredibly COMPACT, LIGHT, and POWER PACKED.


Designed with the low profile right angle heads operators can easily squeeze into tight spaces and have all the necessary power and leverage to get the job done.


Wheels Up!

With Our Aviation Tools


Compact Pistol and Angle Drills make working in tight and hard to reach spots easier.