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3/8” (10 MM) & 1/2” (13MM)
Impact Wrenches

3/4” (19 MM), 1" (25MM) & 1-1/2” (38MM)
Impact Wrenches

Impact Drivers

Assembly Accessories

Putting it all together
To keep up with the rapidly growing demands of modern assembly applications, Sioux Tools remains on the cutting edge of engineering design. We continue to be innovative in creating new tools to provide faster rundown speeds with exceptional accuracy and consistent torque delivery, combined with ergonomic design for operator comfort
and safety.

We build every tool to help assembly operators become more productive. We believe they deserve tools that will help improve their quality of performance and maximize the skills they bring to the job.

Exclusive Designs
Sioux Tools is the exclusive manufacturer of the Z-handle. This unique feature allows access to tight, hard to reach angles.

Impact Wrenches
Suitable for general assembly, repair jobs etc. When you require a powerful, lightweight tool, with little reaction force and moderate accuracy. This is the best choice for loosening joints.

Sioux Tools offers a wide range of screwdrivers designed to meet today's fast paced, high output assembly and manufacturing applications.

Sioux offers nutrunners that are designed for high volume industrial production. You can choose from free speeds of up to 2200 rpm, and a torque range of up
to 600 in. lb (68 Nm). These are outstanding tools for fast accurate assembly.


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